History of the site

The history of the Site of Belle vue goes along with an important part of the familiy history of Mr.Constant Vanden Stock, legendary figure in Belgium for being the country's most important Gueuze en Cherry beer brewer of the famous 'Belle-Vue.

From father to son

In 1943 the family, together with two other brewers, acquires a 'Lambiek'-brewery by the name of Vos Kina, which was located at the Vierwindenstraat 83 in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. It was the launch of the brewery 'Ph.Vanden Stock' and the beginning also of the development of the Site.

From brewery to bottling company

In 1949 de Company Ph.Vanden Stock becomes sole-owner of the Brewery at the Vierwindenstraat.
The remaining and growing activity in the Site is the mixing of beers and the bottling.
Five bottling chains were gradually installed in the building, reaching a total capacity of approximately 154.000 bottles.

From Brewery to today

In 2007, the real estate group “ Sacha S.A” bought the old brewery Bellevue.
Since 2007, the site is being renovated and the huge building now hosts contemporary theatre groups, a film school, a dance school, music production companies, architects, graphic designers, event organizers, artists, etc.